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Microplastics Are Polluting the Ocean at a Shocking Rate

Microplastics Are Polluting the Ocean at a Shocking Rate – Wired

CAPS member Dr. Scott Coffin, a Research Scientist III (Chemical Sciences) for the Water Resources Control Board, has become a scientific celebrity regarding microplastics. He’s been quoted in stories by CalMatters, Scientific American, and National Geographic and that was just last year.  Now Dr. Coffin is back in the news again with a new report that he co-authored. It says a plastic smog of more than 170 trillion plastic particles is afloat in the world’s oceans and requires “urgent solutions.”

The study has already gained widespread media attention from Forbes, The Guardian, and Yahoo News, among others. Several outlets have extensively quoted the doctor, including Wired and San Francisco’s public TV outlet, KQED. Streaming media has also been interested. The Stereo Chemistry podcast episode, “Microplastics pollute our drinking water: What are the risks?” features a lengthy interview. You can listen to the podcast or read its searchable transcript here.

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