About Us

Every day, nearly three thousand state-employed scientists in more than 30 departments throughout California protect the public, the environment, and the economy. Among other things, they thwart the spread of disease, monitor our natural resources, and watchdog our agriculture for hundreds of toxins, diseases, and pests.

State scientists test food, from produce to poultry, to prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses.  They ensure safe drinking water and protect infants from illness.  It’s looking out for our state’s flora and fauna, it’s air and water quality and the health of the nearly 40 million people living in the state.

So visit the Golden State’s rivers, lakes and beaches. Enjoy California’s abundant produce, some of the best in the world. Send your kids to school, knowing that the site has been deemed safe for children.

And then think of the corps of sentinels using science to watch out for you and your family. Because science matters to California’s state scientists.