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Hundreds to Rally at Capitol, Demand Newsom Administration Show It Values Science By Valuing State Scientists

The California Association of Professional Scientists has planned the Stand UP for Scientists Rally to urge that the Newsom Administration  bargain competitive wages for state scientists whose vital work protects public health, the environment, water, our food supply, endangered species and more.

SACRAMENTO – Hundreds of members of the California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS), and stakeholders who rely on their important work, will rally on the State Capitol’s West Steps from noon to 2 p.m. on Friday to publicly voice concerns that inequitable wages paid to state scientists are harming vital scientific programs that serve the Golden State and its citizens.

CAPS President Margarita Gordus will speak to the crowd at approximately 12:15 p.m.; Corey Ridings, Manager of Fish Conservation at Ocean Conservancy will be speaking at approximately 12:20 p.m. Various organization members will speak about their duties and responsibilities to the citizens of California, and provide their perspectives on how longstanding state scientist pay inequities affect their Department’s ability to meet legislative mandates amid the State’s inability to recruit and retain the best scientific talent.

Visuals will include scientists in fieldwork gear and laboratory PPE, colorful signage, chanting crowds, and picketing.  State scientists and CAPS leaders will be available for interviews.

State scientists operate and oversee dozens of multimillion-dollar programs that protect Californians’ health, our state’s environment, its vast natural resources, and its unmatched food supply. However, for many years, state scientists’ wages have lagged their local-, state-, and federal-government counterparts’ salaries by 30% to 50%. CAPS’ Bargaining Team has been at the table with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Department of Human Resources (CalHR) for nearly three years to reach an agreement that would replace the union contract that expired July 1, 2020. Under state law, the expired contract’s terms remain in effect until a new one is in place.

Salaries remain at issue. Despite two years of budget surpluses that have allowed the Newsom administration to boost spending on scientific programs by billions of dollars, it has yet to offer a competitive salary package to CAPS.

WHAT: Stand UP for Scientists Rally
WHERE: State Capitol West Steps, Sacramento
WHEN: July 29, noon to 2 p.m.
WHO: Hundreds of CAPS members, concerned stakeholders, and others who support science and state scientists
SPEAKER(S): CAPS President Margarita Gordus scheduled to address the crowd at 12:15 p.m.; Corey Ridings, Manager of Fish Conservation at Ocean Conservancy, will be speaking at approximately 12:20 p.m.
WHY: To challenge the Newsom Administration to bargain a contract that provides fair pay for state scientists who operate and oversee crucial scientific programs