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Dozens of water systems consolidate in California’s Farming heartland

Leonicio Ramirez and Guillermina Avila were the first residents of East Porterville, Calif., to receive water through a new connection to the city of Porterville in August 2016. East Porterville in Tulare County suffered many failed water wells. The linking of the town to Porterville’s water system is an example of the sort of mergers that are under way in many other communities in California’s San Joaquin Valley.Florence Low, California Department of Water Resources

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IN CALIFORNIA’S SAN Joaquin Valley, one of the most productive farming regions in the nation, an estimated 150,000 people are stuck living with contaminated drinking water. When they open a tap to fill a cooking pot or take a shower, the water that gushes out is contaminated with nitrates, hexavalent chromium, arsenic and other nasties from polluted wells.