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CAPS 2017 Media Campaign Video Series

CBS Local News Science Matters Video Series

Featuring interviews with California State Scientists about environmental issues that impact California


California State Scientist Maureen Dutra

California State Scientist Maureen Dutra is a veterinarian who protects livestock from diseases that would negatively affect the animals and the economy.


California Wildfires

Wildfires have devastated Napa and Sonoma counties – and California state scientists are there. Even though some have been evacuated from their own homes and workplaces, California state scientists are using their knowledge to make fire-fighting plans, defend cultural and natural resources and protect lives and property. In this crisis, science matters. California state scientists.


California State Scientist Richard Birely

California State Scientists and Governor Jerry Brown agree that protecting honey bees is vital to our nation’s economy.


California State Scientist Paula Johnson

California State Scientists inspect the products you buy to ensure no harmful chemicals will hurt you or your family.

California State Scientist Stephanie Lewis

California State Scientists protect your natural resources.


CBS Local News Science Matters Video Series